Letter from Coach McQuaid 
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 Nova Titan Baseball Alumni,

 I hope this letter finds everyone healthy, successful and happy with their lifeís work. Through the years you learn that family is always the most important thing in life. Iím writing you today about your second family Nova Titan Baseball. I hope your years as a player were memorable and rewarding. The memories of forty years are always present and all of you have been a big part of my life and career. For some it has been a very long time since I have seen or heard from you. Please take the time to send an email: (patrick.mcquaid@browardschools.com) and let me know how you are doing and where you are in life.

It seems only yesterday it was 1972 the year my career began. Close to 400 players have played baseball for the Titans through those years. In those 40 years you have won 791 games, 17 district championships, have four final fours appearances, two state championships and a national championship. Presently, over 150 players have played college baseball and 20 have been drafted into professional baseball with 5 playing in the major leagues. I am mostly proud of all the great citizens you all have become with character and family values. Not a day passes without someone letting me know how they and their team mates are doing. I hope the lessons you learned in sport have served you well in the real world.

Iím writing you for a couple reasons as my career is nearing an end I would like to know how you and your family have done through the years and invite you back to our Alumni weekend Friday 2/3 Hall of Fame Banquet and Saturday 2/4 Alumni Game and BBQ or a regular season game. All the information is on our Website Nova Titan Baseball .com. Also, I need your help in one last project. Since the first day as a coach one of my missions besides trying to build character and guide you to become a productive citizen, has been to build a baseball complex that everyone could be proud of and stand alone through the years as a testament to the tradition of Nova Baseball.  We have come a long way from a sand lot and moving our first outfield fence from the vacant lot by BCC to the beautiful complex we have today with elevated seating for 1,000,a fieldhouse, pressbox ,skybox, dugouts and indoor batting cages. Through the hard work and gifts of you players, parents and the community our facility is second to none. Every family that has been a part of Nova Baseball has made a contribution to the history and tradition of Titan Baseball.

This last project will cost approximately $125,000. With the hard work of Scott Dyer 1977 and Brett Atkinson 1989 the final stage of development for this project is becoming a reality. The project calls for enclosing the field with a block wall. The wall will be padded with heights ranging from 6 ft in foul territory to 12 ft and 16 ft in fair territory. This will be the last piece to complete the best high school facility in Florida. On the baseball website (novatitanbaseball.com) you can view what the finished project should look like. To make this project a reality we need your help. At the completion of this project I would like to in a list everyone that has played baseball for Nova through my coaching career on the wall. The names will be listed by Graduating classes.

Our first goal should be for each class starting with 1974 try to get donations totaling at least $3,000. With most classes averaging 8-10 players this should be something that is possible and reasonable, of course if a class can raise more that will be great. If everyone gets on board we should be able to fund this project and make Nova Baseball special. If anyone has connections in the construction industry for donations please call and I can provide a list of materials needed.

For this project to be completed for this up coming season we must begin now. Please fill out the attached form and pass the information along to your team mates and letís make this project a reality.

Thank you for being a part of Nova Titan Baseball and continuing to make Titan Baseball special. Please make any donation checks payable Nova Baseball Construction Fund and mail to 1460 NW 70th Way Plantation Fla 33313 or Nova High School Attention Coach McQuaid 3600 SW College Ave Davie Fla 33314.

 For the Love of the Game
 Titans Forever

Coach Pat McQuaid
Athletic Director
Head Baseball Coach